World’s ugliest animals!

1. Giant-japanese-salamander


These 5 feet long, 80 pound Japanese giant salamanders can bite off chunks of your hand in a second.

2. Blobfish


The awfull looking blobfish was recently named the world’s ugliest animal. It floats along the ocean floor along the coast of Australia and Tasmania, surviving by eating whatever drifts in front of it. (Ugly and lazy)

3. Giant Isopod


Giant isopods are important scavengers in the deep-sea — and disturbing to see! They are found from the gloomy zones at a depth of 550 feet to the pitch darkness at 7,000 feet and beyond, where pressures are high and temperatures are very low — down to about 39 degrees.

4. Star-Nosed Mole


The star-nosed mole gets its name from its very distinctive snout. The 22 pink appendages are touch organs used by the mole to identify its prey.

5. California Condor


The California Condor is a large, black vulture with a shocking apperance: The color of the skin on its bald head ranges from bright red to yellow.

6. Sea Pig


The sea pig, a deep-sea animal more commonly known as a sea cucumber, gets its name from its pink, pig-like body complete with enlarged tube feet that look like legs.

7. Goblin Shark


The goblin shark is known for its oddly-shaped head, with a protruding, trowel-shaped beak and gnarled jaws.  A deep-sea dweller, the goblin shark’s pinkish skin never comes in contact with sunlight.

8. Naked Mole Rat


The naked mole rat, living in parts of eastern Africa, gets its name from its pink, hairless skin. The rat’s lungs are very small making it highly adept to underground life.

Wow, what an ugly group… what do you think? Let us know.