Woman Arrested Trying to Break IN to County Jail?!

Woman Arrested Trying to Break In to County Jail.


Ten minutes into breaking in and chill, and she gives you this look.

Three weeks after she was released on probation, Talisha McCann is back in  jail after she was arrested while trying to break IN to it!?

42 year old Talisha McCann from Russellville in Franklin County, was held on multiple criminal charges, including possession of burglar’s tools and possession of a controlled substance, after she was spotted on surveillance video using bolt cutters to try to slice through a fence at the jail Tuesday night, the Franklin County police Office said.

Sheriff Shannon Oliver told Nbc station of Huntsville that McCann was on a mission to deliver prescription drugs and other contraband to other inmates. When she was arrested, she was carrying two gallon-size bags of tobacco, a cellphone and a small amount of suboxone strips.

It’s not so normal that people try to break in to jail, but it is a natural progression in the cat-and-mouse game corrections officials play with people trying to get contraband in to inmates.

It’s a constant battle everyday for the prison officers,  people try to throw stuff like drugs and porn over the fence, so the inmates can get it.



Please hold my beer, and watch me break in to the nearest jail!