Russia’s top-secret aircraft looks like something from Star Wars!


VVA-14 was supposed to kill the US nuclear threat in the water.

During the Cold War the United States developed the first ballistic nuclear missil that could be fired from a submarine, UGM-27 Polaris. The weapon was designed for the worst: Nuclear War.

The Russians limitedly began the development of a special aircraft that could destroy submarines with the dreaded Polaris missiles aboard.

The assignment went to designer Robert Ludvigovich Bartini. His solution was inspired by the so-called ground effect vehicle.

Ground effect vehicle is not ordinary aircraft, they are in fact classified as ships. It is similar to an aircraft and can move very rapidly right across the water surface because of what we call the ground effect.

Unique design

Bartinis aircraft should be both, race straight across the water at high speed and over long distances while it was going to take off and fly normally at higher altitudes. Along with aircraft manufacturer Beriev, Robert Bartini hatched out a machine that looks as if it is taken straight out of Star Wars.

Bartini and his comrades initiated extensive research, and created the test aircraft Be-1 for better understanding and exploiting the ground effect. 4. September 1972 they could  popp the champagne corks, the first prototype of VVA-14 prototype completed its first flight.


Then it went downhill.

After two years of further development of VVA-14 Beriev and Bartini installed inflatable floats on the plane. They created so much problems that they were replaced with fixed piping. Then started the actual tests on water.

But when Bartini abruptly died in 1974, it meant the hook on the door for the unusual VVA-14. Developments stopes and, after 107 flights were completed the project.

The only full copy of the “aircraft boat”, VVA-14 number 19172, was handed over to the Civil Aviation Museum in the Soviet Union in 1987.




The Caspian Monster

Although a project was discontinued, did not mean that the Russian war machine torpedoed the idea around ground effect vehicle. On the contrary.
Parallel to Bartini Beriev VVA-14 USSR developed another concept vessel, which since then has been nicknamed “the Caspian monster”.

It was designed by Rostislav Alexeyev. With a wingspan of almost 40 meters and a length of over 90 meters, it was the largest the aircraft in the world.

It was actually the CIA that named the aircraft the  “Caspian Monster”. Spy photos of the aircraft being tested in the Caspian showed letters KM on the fuselage, as CIA “translated” to “Kaspian Monster”. In reality it stood for “Korabl maket” – which is Russian for “prototype ship.”

The real monster

The Caspian monster was never put into operation, but designer Rostislav Alexeyev other projects did.



MD-160 is the only ground effect vehicle Lun class that exists. It was used in the service of the Soviet Union and Russia from 1987 to late into the 1990s.

Lun has cruise speed of 550 km / h and is designed for anti-surface warfare, naval warfare thus concentrating on defeating  ships on the sea surface. For the Job Lun is equipped with P-270 Moskit missiles.

Ground effect vehicle is no longer in use and is in a port in marine warehouse in kaspiysk.


Despite limited distribution, Russian aircraft manufacturers still believe in ground effect vehicle. In 2015  Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau showed two concept of a new aircraft type, called A-050. According to the aircraft manufacturer the aircraft will be ideal for coast guard and rescue services.

This optical illusion can transform your vision for up to three months!

This trick turns black and white to green and red.

Forget the dress that got half of the world`s population to say that it was gold and white, while the rest said it was blue and black.

«The McCollough effect» can get you to see black and white as green and red for several weeks!

Optical Illusion

This “Trick” was first recognized by the American psychologist Celeste McCollough Howard in 1965, and thanks to YouTube clip of Tom Scott has the optical illusion in the past year received massive attention on the internet.

In the video clip that he has titled “image that can destroy your brain” Tom Scott explains how the illusion works.
Meanwhile warns YouTube user, especially people who work with text and video to try out the McCollough effect.

From black and white to red and green

First, one should look at a picture with vertical and horizontal lines in black and white to confirm that it actually looks black and white.


Then one should look at another picture with red and black horizontal stripes and a picture with green and black vertical lines.

Switch between looking at various lines and the center of the images. This is to be done for up to three minutes.


Then look  immediately against the image of the white and black lines again.

Now the horisonale lines have a more greenish color, while the vertical lines will be more pinkish.

This effect can last up to 3.5 months, according to a British newspaper.

The effect will be more pronounced the longer you stared at the pictures with the red and green lines.

A farmer saw a hole in the rock wall – But The Inside Has Astounded The Whole World

This shows just how incredibly beautiful nature really is.


Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places  on the planet. It was first discovered by a local farmer in 1991, but it would take 18 years before scientists were able to make their way into the cave and see what was hiding there.

What a sight it must have been!

Son Doong Cave is not only the world’s largest cave, it is its own little world. Under the roof there is space to a 40-story skyscraper. The cave include a jungle, a river and an abundance of wildlife.

The researchers estimate that the cave is about five million years old. The largest room in Son Doong is more than five kilometers long and stretches 200 meters into the air.



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The 16 best Dog costumes From The NYC Halloween Parade

Halloween is made for our four legged friends

1. There were Pom Frites…


2. …Marty from Back to the Future


3. …and a family no one could find.


4. Pablo Escobark made an appearance.


5. As did the Simpsons.


6. The Pope made sure to bless the ceremony…


7. …and Thing 1 and Thing 2 were nothin’ but trouble.


8. A very sneaky piano asking for someone to play it


9. A big ol’ dog rescue rolled around.


10. Chewbacca rode in on a sweet, sweet Millennium Falcon.

12. A committed smurf.


14. Frida remained chill.


15. Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala looked fabulous!


16. Some chill dude.

With one is your favourite?

Gordon Ramsay Shouting At Kids is hilarious!

Judge and executive producer Gordon Ramsay, left, asks a critic to name ingredients during a tasting challenge that was part of the "MasterChef" panel discussion at the Fox Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., Monday, Aug. 2, 2010. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Mr. Ramsay is mostly well known for his foul mouth on tv-shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and The F Word, rather than his actual cooking skills. 

What he is definitely not known for is his kindness and helpfulness to the young contestants on MasterChef Junior. However, someone has made sure that’ll never become the case by replacing lines heard on the show with foul-mouthed ones from Hell’s Kitchen. 




Although completely devoid of any ethics, would a junior version of Hell’s Kitchen  actually be something people would watch?


14 Life Hacks So Incredibly Stupid They’re Borderline Genius

1. Want to add an instant party feel to any room? Attach a disco ball in a power drill and hang it from your ceiling.



2. To poor to buy a fancy telescopic lens? No problem, just film through a pair of binoculars.



3. Want that cinema experience at home? Just shove a couch on top of four chairs.



4. Turn a pallet upright to create your own “custom shoe rack”…



5. Or you can make your own shoe storage device using some poles and wire.



6. Fed up of having to hold your iPad while watching a movie? Hang  it from the ceiling fan with some clothes hangers.



7. Only cold water? Simply light a candle underneath the water pipe. Hot showers at a fraction of the price.



8. Need an adaptor? “Safely” improvise with some nail clippers. (Please dont do this)



9. No cupholder in your car? Create your own using a roll of parcel tape.



10. Out of after-dinner mints? Just freeze a tube of toothpaste and cut it into wafer-thin slices.



11. Planning on spending money on an expensive cooker? Don’t bother if you already have an iron lying around.


12. Who needs curtain hooks when you can use the rings from Coke cans? Just as stylish at a fraction of the cost.



13. Need to work on the go? This handy mobile office will make you the most efficient driver on the road.



14. And finally, out of coat hangers? Just unplug your keyboard and use that.




Jeremy Clarkson Returns to The BBC Amid Overwhelming Criticism


sThe grand return of Jeremy Clarkson to the BBC turned out to be a disaster from start to finish.
The ex-Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson arrived as a guest host on popular BBC show Have I Got News For You and the show’s panelists panned him throughout.
The gags tirade began as soon as the show started. They were discussing cars when Richard Osman requested for a “car expert” and then asked “Jeremy: do you have Chris Evans’ number?”
The jokes were so funny and spontaneous that Paul Merton fell off his chair while punching himself.
Clarkson’s latest multi-million pound deal with Amazon also garnered enough attention.
Ian Hislop joked about the Amazon-Clarkson deal saying that: “I thought you’d be delivering packages to my door.”
The panelists also compared Clarkson with internet sensation Ronnie Pickering and one of them said: “Go on Jeremy, punch him!”
The BBC although warned Clarkson regarding not bringing up Cars while on the show however, this warning couldn’t stop him from doing so.
“I am not allowed on the BBC to use the C word… Yeah. What are they going to do f***ing sack me? I’ve just thought of that, they can’t can they? This is quite good fun” said Clarkson.
Clarkson was visibly disappointed and remorseful and said that he did regret the attack on Oisin Tymon “apart from the pay rise.”
You can watch this show on iPlayer.


Things Those Who Attended Uni in the Mid ’00s would Swore By

  1. You did not have the privilege of adding people you met during Freshers’ meet-up on Facebook simply because it didn’t exist.
  2.  You must be having contact numbers of those Freshers you met but didn’t egt the chance to call them.. even once.
  3. Since texting wasn’t as inexpensive as it is now, therefore, MSN messenger was the only savior to satisfy your craving for having an online communication.
  4. Facebook indeed was born at some point in that particular era and if your Uni was among the first of the Britain institutes to get Facebook, you were truly privileged.first-facebook
  5. Facebook was launched in Oct 2005 in Britain at some selected Universities including Cambridge, Oxford, York, Manchester and Leeds.
  6. Netflix wasn’t born yet and since people had much less to choose from so they had to settle for watching shows like Lost.
  7. Sunday mornings meant watching The OC on T4.
  8. This was followed by getting together to watch even more good-looking people on Shipwrecked.
  9. Your first year album certainly looked like this.
  10. Somewhat less lucky ones were allowed to use the old desktops of their parents, which apparently filled up most of the space in your room.
  11. Now that Napster and Kazaa are a thing of the past your only option to download music illegally was Limewire even if that meant making your laptop vulnerable to a variety of VIRUSESenhanced-7874-1444218460-10
  12. If downloading music wasn’t your Thing, the alternate solution was to borrow all the CDs your housemates owned and rip them directly onto your precious laptop.
  13. iPods became such a rage that it literally felt like everyone bought it as soon as their very first loan payment got landed into their accounts.
  14. Pound a Pint nights used to make you head straight to your nearest Scream pub, with of course your Yellow Card.
  15. Food and getting home was the only thoughts in your mind after getting highly drunk, and the interesting part was still having left with change of a £10 note
  16. If you were fortunate enough to own a laptop and bring it to uni, probably this is how it looked like and its weight wasn’t any less than a small human.
  17. At least one or several of the then upcoming bands were definitely your favorite.
  18. Of course, the nu-rave was there too. It better we do not discuss it any further.
  19. Laptops had although become a thing and quite a few people including you owned them but since these machines used to be extremely heavy so you would prefer writing notes on paper.enhanced-buzz-29939-1444225758-7
  20. You were still quite lucky because you belonged to the first generation who could access lecture slides online and get them printed.
  21. Getting to VOTE in your first general election in 2005 was definitely a cool and probably the maturest act you did on your own.
  22. You were never tired of using Anchorman quotes and so were your housemates.
  23. Also add Napoleon Dynamite to the list of quotes.
  24. While moving into the halls you didn’t have a tiniest idea who was moving-in with you before you got there because there weren’t any pre-set Facebook groups available.
  25. No filters were required to make the posters and pictures you hanged on your walls to appear retro…. Those already were shitty.
  26. To kill time you used to watch two back-to-back episodes of Friends on E4 and then the same episodes on E4+1 because nothing else would air at that particular time slot.
  27. If where you studied was a huge student town then probably you were lucky enough to witness the opening of Oceana.
  28. Since the ban wasn’t implemented yet, therefore, by the end of Freshers’ week your entire wardrobe smelled of smoke.
  29. You couldn’t even imagine moving around without your digital camera.
  30. Adding a huge album of personal pictures on Facebook was definitely what did you every night. Most of these albums are still present there.. isn’t it!

Hunter fends off grizzly by sticking arm into its throat!!?


A man hunting elk in the Montana mountains said he fended off an attacking grizzly bear by shoving his arm into its throat to induce a gag reflex that would frighten it away, according to state wildlife managers.

The 26 year old Ole Chase Dellwo, was hunting with a crossbow for elk with his brother in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Montana on Saturday when he surprised a 500-pound (200kg) grizzly bear lumbering along the river, said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman Bruce Auchly.

“It was startled, he was startled; the bear engaged in a defensive attack,” he said on Monday.

Dellwo later told wardens he crammed his arm crosswise into the back of the grizzly’s jaws because he had read an article that said large animals have pronounced gag responses.

Wildlife managers were not acquainted with the literature or purportedly excessive gag reflexes among the massive, hump-shouldered bruins, but Dellwo’s action prompted the bear to break off its attack and run away, Auchly said.

Wardens do not intend to capture the bear or kill it since it engaged in a defensive, rather than predatory, attack.

“If the grizzly wanted to kill him, it would have killed him,” said Auchly.

Dellwo, of Bellgrade, Montana, was driven by his younger brother to a nearby medical clinic before being taken to a hospital in Great Falls where he remained on Monday for treatment of injuries that include cuts to his head and face.

Wildlife managers advise carrying bear spray to ward off attacks. ( I world rather be carrying a gun) Dellwo was not equipped with bear spray when he encountered the grizzly.

Drunk squirrel gets locked in a pub!


At first sight it looked like the club had been broken into and trashed.

Beer was overflowing from the trays and onto the floor, which was also strewn with money, napkins and straws. Glasses and liqour bottles were knocked off their shelves of Honeybourne Railway Club in the town of Evesham in Worcestershire, England.

“At first I thought we’d been burgled but I realised it was all still locked up and that’s when we saw the squirrel,” club branch secretary Sam Boulter told Worcester News.

“I’d never seen anything like it before, he had ran around the shelves and across the bar.

“There were bottles scattered around, money scattered around and he had obviously run across the bar’s pumps and managed to turn on the Caffrey’s and also managed to ruin some barrels too.

“He must have flung himself on the handle.