BRYE ANNE Russillo is an MMA fighter with two big problems. (HOT)

BRYE ANNE Russillo is an MMA fighter with two unique problems..

The 29-year-old has to fight in a heavier division than she would like to because her double-D breasts weigh too much.

It took Russillo’s team over three months to agree to a fight with Paige Lian for the 150-pound title at the Aggressive Combat Championships in Queens on October 3.

Russillo has had two fights so far as an amateur, with one win and one loss.

She has been told by her nightclub employers that she will lose her job as a bartender if she turns up with a black eye, but it is a risk she is willing to take.

“Everyone expects me to be a dum Barbie Doll. Bleach blonde hair and a big chest,” said Russillo.

She said she became passionate about the sport when participating in kickboxing classes and seeing a number of athletes at the same gym training to compete in the ring. This is one badass chick! 

Russillo’s trainer made life easier for the single mother by allowing her to bring her daughter to training.

“If you find a hobby late in life, follow it! I have a child and turning 30 in a couple of months, and I’m glad I followed my passion,” Russillo said.



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