Jeremy Clarkson Returns to The BBC Amid Overwhelming Criticism


sThe grand return of Jeremy Clarkson to the BBC turned out to be a disaster from start to finish.
The ex-Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson arrived as a guest host on popular BBC show Have I Got News For You and the show’s panelists panned him throughout.
The gags tirade began as soon as the show started. They were discussing cars when Richard Osman requested for a “car expert” and then asked “Jeremy: do you have Chris Evans’ number?”
The jokes were so funny and spontaneous that Paul Merton fell off his chair while punching himself.
Clarkson’s latest multi-million pound deal with Amazon also garnered enough attention.
Ian Hislop joked about the Amazon-Clarkson deal saying that: “I thought you’d be delivering packages to my door.”
The panelists also compared Clarkson with internet sensation Ronnie Pickering and one of them said: “Go on Jeremy, punch him!”
The BBC although warned Clarkson regarding not bringing up Cars while on the show however, this warning couldn’t stop him from doing so.
“I am not allowed on the BBC to use the C word… Yeah. What are they going to do f***ing sack me? I’ve just thought of that, they can’t can they? This is quite good fun” said Clarkson.
Clarkson was visibly disappointed and remorseful and said that he did regret the attack on Oisin Tymon “apart from the pay rise.”
You can watch this show on iPlayer.




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