This optical illusion can transform your vision for up to three months!

This trick turns black and white to green and red.

Forget the dress that got half of the world`s population to say that it was gold and white, while the rest said it was blue and black.

«The McCollough effect» can get you to see black and white as green and red for several weeks!

Optical Illusion

This “Trick” was first recognized by the American psychologist Celeste McCollough Howard in 1965, and thanks to YouTube clip of Tom Scott has the optical illusion in the past year received massive attention on the internet.

In the video clip that he has titled “image that can destroy your brain” Tom Scott explains how the illusion works.
Meanwhile warns YouTube user, especially people who work with text and video to try out the McCollough effect.

From black and white to red and green

First, one should look at a picture with vertical and horizontal lines in black and white to confirm that it actually looks black and white.


Then one should look at another picture with red and black horizontal stripes and a picture with green and black vertical lines.

Switch between looking at various lines and the center of the images. This is to be done for up to three minutes.


Then look  immediately against the image of the white and black lines again.

Now the horisonale lines have a more greenish color, while the vertical lines will be more pinkish.

This effect can last up to 3.5 months, according to a British newspaper.

The effect will be more pronounced the longer you stared at the pictures with the red and green lines.



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