This optical illusion can transform your vision for up to three months!

This trick turns black and white to green and red.

Forget the dress that got half of the world`s population to say that it was gold and white, while the rest said it was blue and black.

«The McCollough effect» can get you to see black and white as green and red for several weeks!

Optical Illusion

This “Trick” was first recognized by the American psychologist Celeste McCollough Howard in 1965, and thanks to YouTube clip of Tom Scott has the optical illusion in the past year received massive attention on the internet.

In the video clip that he has titled “image that can destroy your brain” Tom Scott explains how the illusion works.
Meanwhile warns YouTube user, especially people who work with text and video to try out the McCollough effect.

From black and white to red and green

First, one should look at a picture with vertical and horizontal lines in black and white to confirm that it actually looks black and white.


Then one should look at another picture with red and black horizontal stripes and a picture with green and black vertical lines.

Switch between looking at various lines and the center of the images. This is to be done for up to three minutes.


Then look  immediately against the image of the white and black lines again.

Now the horisonale lines have a more greenish color, while the vertical lines will be more pinkish.

This effect can last up to 3.5 months, according to a British newspaper.

The effect will be more pronounced the longer you stared at the pictures with the red and green lines.

Hunter fends off grizzly by sticking arm into its throat!!?


A man hunting elk in the Montana mountains said he fended off an attacking grizzly bear by shoving his arm into its throat to induce a gag reflex that would frighten it away, according to state wildlife managers.

The 26 year old Ole Chase Dellwo, was hunting with a crossbow for elk with his brother in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Montana on Saturday when he surprised a 500-pound (200kg) grizzly bear lumbering along the river, said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman Bruce Auchly.

“It was startled, he was startled; the bear engaged in a defensive attack,” he said on Monday.

Dellwo later told wardens he crammed his arm crosswise into the back of the grizzly’s jaws because he had read an article that said large animals have pronounced gag responses.

Wildlife managers were not acquainted with the literature or purportedly excessive gag reflexes among the massive, hump-shouldered bruins, but Dellwo’s action prompted the bear to break off its attack and run away, Auchly said.

Wardens do not intend to capture the bear or kill it since it engaged in a defensive, rather than predatory, attack.

“If the grizzly wanted to kill him, it would have killed him,” said Auchly.

Dellwo, of Bellgrade, Montana, was driven by his younger brother to a nearby medical clinic before being taken to a hospital in Great Falls where he remained on Monday for treatment of injuries that include cuts to his head and face.

Wildlife managers advise carrying bear spray to ward off attacks. ( I world rather be carrying a gun) Dellwo was not equipped with bear spray when he encountered the grizzly.

Drunk squirrel gets locked in a pub!


At first sight it looked like the club had been broken into and trashed.

Beer was overflowing from the trays and onto the floor, which was also strewn with money, napkins and straws. Glasses and liqour bottles were knocked off their shelves of Honeybourne Railway Club in the town of Evesham in Worcestershire, England.

“At first I thought we’d been burgled but I realised it was all still locked up and that’s when we saw the squirrel,” club branch secretary Sam Boulter told Worcester News.

“I’d never seen anything like it before, he had ran around the shelves and across the bar.

“There were bottles scattered around, money scattered around and he had obviously run across the bar’s pumps and managed to turn on the Caffrey’s and also managed to ruin some barrels too.

“He must have flung himself on the handle.


Man rides horse into Tesco supermarket

Reddit user captures image of man in County Galway riding a big white horse in a Tesco supermarket!?

A man in Ireland has been snapped riding a horse inside a Tesco supermarket.

The bizarre incident took place in Ballinasloe, a town in County Gallway.

The image of the man, astride a brown and white cart horse, was posted on Reddit on Tuesday by user PeterTheOstrich.

The picture shows the horse trotting towards the doors of the store, as if it is about the leave the supermarket. Nearby shoppers appear unfazed.

The photograph was taken while a horse show was on in the area, which might go part of the way to explaining what exactly was going on.

A spokesperson for Tesco told the Irish Examiner: “We were expecting some visitors from the Ballinasloe Horse Fair to trot into store this week but safe to say this was an unexpected visitor.

“We can confirm that the horse and his companion didn’t stay long enough to do their weekly shop and no damage was caused.”


Zombies have invaded the streets of London!

The streets of London were today filled with hordes of zombies!?

But dont get panic! The walking dead were out to celebrate World Zombie Day 2015, a celebration of all things undead.

Over a hundred fans of horror flicks like Dawn Of The Dead and TV shows like the Walking Dead descended in London today, and dragged their lifeless bodies around, posing with delighted tourists.

Some of the more bizarre costumes include a zombie Nazi soldier (Dead snow movies) , zombie newlyweds, a zombie Mexican, and even a zombie Smurf.

World Zombie Day is an international annual event that started in Pittsburgh back in 2006.

More than 50 cities worldwide participate in World Zombie Day, including New York, Pittsburgh, Oslo, Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Tokyo.








SNAKE VENOM- The worlds strongest beer!

You definitely wouldn’t want to chug this one…or maybe you would? The world’s strongest beer has been named as a British one with an alcohol level of almost 70%! Ouch!

Lab tests have confirmed the super strength of Brewmeister’s Snake Venom, which is made in Scotland, and has an alcohol content of 68 %. It’s the perfect beer to drink if you want to forget about all your problems for a while.

9342118                                                                image: 


The snake venom even carries a yellow label warning. It is produced using two different yeast strains – ale and champagne – and freeze-concentrated to secure its alcohol content.

Lewis Shand of Brewmeister said: ‘Snake Venom is not like other beers in that we would not recommend drinking a whole bottle in one go. It should be savoured in small measures in a similar way to a fine whisky or brandy.

So this time guys, please dont hold my beer, you can`t handle it! The bad news is that it costs 50£ a bottle.. but then again, how many bottles do you really need? 

The World`s tallest waterslide!

The world`s tallest waterslide is the The Verrückt water slide at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City!

Before park visitors go down the slide, they’ll have to go up: 264 stairs to a platform higher than the Statue of liberty

The slide,  Verrückt actually means “insane” in German, was officially declared the world’s tallest in April 2014. The initial opening date was in May 2014, but the park delayed opening it three times.

In order to prepare for the opening, the slide needed some adjustments. The rafts, which were originally intended to hold four people, now hold three. The slope of the hill was changed to a more gentle 22 degrees, but was heightened by 11 feet. The structure is 168 feet tall.

Before even being allowed to climb the stairs of the world`s tallest waterslide, visitors must step onto a scale to ensure the combined weight of the two or three people who will be on a single raft does not exceed 550 pounds. After passing that, a park worker reads a list that is part warning and part disclaimer.

One of the warnings listed is ofcourse the possibility of death.

The slide’s designer Jeff Henry called it “baddest ride ever built,” and said that he wore his cowboy boots the first time he went down because he wanted to be wearing them if he died.

And since you cant bring anything with you on this amasing ride, Please hold my beer!


Bill Gates has been declared the richest man in the world.. again!

The Microsoft founder beat Mexican businessman Carlos Slim to the top spot!


Bill Gates’ net worth rose by just over $3bn (£1.94bn) in the year to 13 February, to $79bn.

There are a record 1,826 billionaires in the world, Forbes said, an increase of 181 in the past 12 months.

Mr Gates has now been top of the list for 16 of the last 21 years, Forbes added.


Forbes 2015 ranking of richest people:

  1. Bill Gates $79.2bn (Microsoft)
  2. Carlos Slim Helu $77.1bn (Phones and construction in Mexico)
  3. Warren Buffett $72.7bn (Global investor)
  4. Amancio Ortega $64.5bn (Zara and other fashion chains)
  5. Larry Ellison $54.3bn (Oracle data storage technology)
  6. Charles Koch $42.9bn (Industrialist)
  7. David Koch $42.9bn (Industrialist)
  8. Christy Walton $41.7bn (Walmart retail giant)
  9. Jim Walton $40.6bn (Walmart retail giant)
  10. Liliane Bettencourt $40.1bn (L’Oreal cosmetics firm)



The 5 Most outrageous Haunted Houses

A meet packing plant, Asylums, and Prisons! This is the 5 most terrifying haunted houses!

1.Cutting Edge Haunted House

Housed in a 110 year old abandoned meat-packing plant in a section of Fort Worth historically known as “Hell’s Half Acre.” The attraction uses the original Old West meat-packing equipment from the plant as a two-story prop for an effect in which fake human corpses are hoisted up to the second level and “processed” through the machine with the conveyor system bringing the butchered remains back to the first level.

2. Pennhurst asylum

Housed on the grounds of an former asylum, Pennhurst now terrifies customers, who rush through the old cells filled with dirty, bloody, screaming apparitions of mad doctors and unwilling patients along a 920-foot “tunnel of fear” and among “human experiments that have gone horribly wrong.” The brave are then handed flashlights and allowed to walk around on their own through the old dormitories of the large Mayflower Building, certified by ghost finders to be thoroughly haunted.

3. The 13th gate

Celebrate your halloween or birthday by crawling around 13 different terrifying areas in this 40,000 square foot haunted house in downtown Baton Rouge. From a crematorium oven to a super scary bridge dangling over live snakes and a hearse ride through dark tunnels and hallways filled with automaton creatures and lively actors, The 13th Gate showcases a host of new and exciting ways to scare you.

4. Screamzone

The worst thing about haunted houses is you can’t fight back. But at screamZone they have a Zombie Paintball Safari, you can blast away at the undead, which is not only fun, but also good training for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Those zombies who aren’t killed chase visitors across multiple attractions, including the House of Horror, the hunted yard and The Chamber, which is a huge, spinning tunnel.

5. Thrillvania haunted house

Start with verdun manor, where a psychopathic werewolf wait’s for you with his mutant minions. Walk the Trail of tornment, where unknown horrors await’s in the dark, or go for an unholy visit to the abandoned church of Thorn Hall. The Dallas-area Thrillvania has 4 major attractions spread over its 50 acres of ominous bayou swampland filled with haunted creatures and a few man-eating plants. Based on a 1900 manor house constructed near a large cemetery.



BRYE ANNE Russillo is an MMA fighter with two big problems. (HOT)

BRYE ANNE Russillo is an MMA fighter with two unique problems..

The 29-year-old has to fight in a heavier division than she would like to because her double-D breasts weigh too much.

It took Russillo’s team over three months to agree to a fight with Paige Lian for the 150-pound title at the Aggressive Combat Championships in Queens on October 3.

Russillo has had two fights so far as an amateur, with one win and one loss.

She has been told by her nightclub employers that she will lose her job as a bartender if she turns up with a black eye, but it is a risk she is willing to take.

“Everyone expects me to be a dum Barbie Doll. Bleach blonde hair and a big chest,” said Russillo.

She said she became passionate about the sport when participating in kickboxing classes and seeing a number of athletes at the same gym training to compete in the ring. This is one badass chick! 

Russillo’s trainer made life easier for the single mother by allowing her to bring her daughter to training.

“If you find a hobby late in life, follow it! I have a child and turning 30 in a couple of months, and I’m glad I followed my passion,” Russillo said.