Amazing homes owned by NFL stars

10. september the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots kick off the 2015 NFL season.
With the season starting and one of the worlds best paid athletes why not take a look at the homes of these wealthy players.

With a report saying that 16% of all retired NFL players, you undertand that flashing money is something they love doing.
Big money equals big houses so lets get started.

Demarcus Ware

Demarcus Ware once signed a contract guaranteeing him a incredible $78 million salary, jet he bought a house with e price tag of $2 million. nfl-demarcus-ware-denver-broncos
Maby one of the NFL players that will not be apart of the 16% previously mentioned.

The house has about everything you could want from a pool to a theater and a large yard.




Tom Bradynfl-tom-brady

The New England Patriots Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen, owns a massive 22,000 square feet (2040 square meters).
With all this space the two o them has a lot of space and the home includes a private gym.
The wife Gisele i a huge fan of the environment and have made a lot of changes to the house making it as environmental friendly as possible



Keyshawn Johnsonnfl-keyshawn-johnson

The old Carolina Panthers player has everything you can ask for in his 11,700 square feet California home. The house features a Gaming room, a basketball

court and a massive pool. The only drawback to the house is the neighbor Justin Beiber.

Richard Shermannfl-richard-sherman-seattle-seahawks


Sherman bought the his home from L.A Clippers Jamal Crawford for $2,300.000 the home has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a wet bar, a basketball court, two fire places and a indoor pool with a big screen!




Jay Cutlernfl-jay-cutler-chicago-bears

Not all famous millionaires like to buy their homes, after moving from their city home Cutler and the wife Kristin Cavallari rented this 6,718 square feet home in Winnetka, Illinois for $10.000 a month. The house has a gourmet kitchen and a wood-paneled library.



Aaron Rodgersnfl-aaron-rodgers-green-bay-packers

With the usual numerous bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms Aaron genrealy likes to keep it simple, as one of the best paied NFL stars he “only” has a swiming pool, a spa, a huge dining room and a man-made garden.


Reggie Bushnfl-reggie-bush-detroit-lions

Kim Kardashian’s ex boyfriend and NFL star Reggie Bush Bought this amazing property in 2007 for $4.100.000. The house comes with everything a NFL star needs, spa, elevator that connects the three floors, chef’s kitchen, home theater, a barbecue area and a pool.


Patrick Petersonnfl-patrick-peterson-arizona-cardinals

Arizona Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson the highest paid defense back in NFL purchased this 8.300 square feet Mediterranean-style hose with eight bedrooms and six bathrooms for $1.300.000. On the property you can find a billiard-room, two separate pools, a wet bar, home theater and a master suite with a private balcony and a Jacuzzi tub



Payton Manningnfl-peyton-manning


The Denver Bronco player has found his home in this over 16.000 square feet, seven-bedroom, 10- bathroom, two-story Georgian estate. The price for this  Cherry Hills Village home with a 7 car garage, gated entrance an elevator and panic room was  $4.600.000.
This is a HOUSE!


Awesome yacht cinemas that makes you wish you were rich!

You know when you have like a lot of money and all your friends has this awesome home theater?

Well, maybe you don’t but if you do here are some awesome ideas to what to do on your massive yacht!

These superyacht outdoor cinemas think outside the box, literally getting outside and putting the yachts’ exterior design elements to good use for movie viewing Project X.

Outdoor yacht cinemas


Maltese Falcon



This 88 meter long sailboat boasts the largest most insane outdoor movie screen on the water.
How? Films are projected on too the sails. This amazing outdoor cinema beats most indoor theatres by a longshot!



On this 61 and a half meter yacht you can enjoy a screening of the new film you are staring in together with 12 of your friends and family and if you want some of the crew working on the boat( or you can have them cook up some awesome snacks. While crusing the seas at about 15 knots! The screen well it’s 3 meter wide.



With a large plasma screen that can be lowered from the aft deck you can get a feeling like no else. Cozy up on the couch in front of the big screen and enjoy a movie with your loved one.
For just under 29.000.000 Euros this cozy theater can be yours!


Belle Aimee


Gather the family and watch The pirates of the Caribbean on the top deck while munching on some snack from the table that one of the 12 crew members have arranged. All that while cruising the Caribbean



Another yacht with an impressive drop-down screen, a state-of-the-art entertainment system and an extensive on board movie library.  The yacht is 48 meters witch gives you enough space for all your closest 30 friends.



In a  open-air Bedouin tent on this amazing 54 meter sailboat you have a massive drop down screen. A large retractable TV screen and cushions make this maybe the most comfortable of them all. Try not to fall asleep in this comfortable lounge, or do!

Luxary homes: What 19 million dollar home looks like in Merseyside

The lavish property is not in Florida, Dubai, or even in London, but in the north-west corner of England in a county called Merseyside.

With eight beedrooms divided on four floors and 5 acres (20234 suare meteres ) of land among alot of other luxery features.

The images of this house mansion is going change your view on your current home.

Since the chlorine-free swimming pool, an all-weather tennis court, three stables and the wine cellar might not be enough, there is also a sepereate barn on the grounds that offers extra acommodation if you have alot of guests comming over.
So, if you want to move why not pay up the 19 million dollars?

10 Coolest Liquor Bottles Ever Made

10 of the Coolest Liquor Bottles Ever Made! We need more of this! Awesome! 



Samurai Vodka
Samurai Vodka









Holland Vodka
Holland Vodka






Mixed Feelings
Mixed Emotions



Frozen Ghost Vodka
Frozen Ghost Vodka



Pumpkin Face Rum
Pumpkin Face Rum



Kraken Rum
Kraken Rum



Heisenberg Vodka
Heisenberg Vodka



Hold my beer guys, i want a taste of that Heisenberg Vodka! Or maybe some Pumpkin face rum! What is your favorite??




Check out this billionaire`s MEGA yacht!

2440592LARGE: “Sailing Yacht A” is made of steel and covered is of exclusive teak. The 142 meter long sailboat has three 90 meter high masts

The Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko according to the English newspaper Daily Mail added in excess of €320 million  on the table to secure the world’s largest sailing ship.

«Sailing Yacht A” was on Monday depicted in the German port city of Kiel during a test drive at the shipyard where it is being built.


«Sailing Yacht A” is made of steel and covered is of exclusive teak. The 142 meter long sailboat has three 90 meter high masts and consists of eight floors with an underwater observatory at the bottom. The yacht can accommodate 20 guests and a crew of 54.

The composite masts, according, is the world’s largest.

According to The Daily Mail  the world’s largest sailing ship is able to cross the seas with a cruise speed of 15 knots.

The engine of the boat will be a diesel-hybrid, and if the Russian is in an hurry, the yacht may reach a max speed of 20 knots.

According to the website this is not the first mega yacht Igorevich Melnichenko has in its fleet, but it is definitely the biggest and most expensive. The last yacht he bought, “Motor Yacht A” cost by today’s currency “only” €240 million.

Not the biggest

180 meters long Azzam, has occupied the list of the world’s largest boats since 2013. The world’s second largest yacht which is Eclipse, has also been considered the world’s most expensive to date, with a cost of $ 800 million.



Japan sendt whiskey to the international spacestation!

The booze has arrived the international spacestation! Six botles, and six astronauts, coincidence?? I think not! 


The six astronauts won’t be drinking it, It’s all for science. (Yeah sure.. would’nt you at least taste it, after ceveral months in space)

The supply ship contains nearly 10,000 pounds of cargo, including the six whiskey botles. Suntory Global Innovation Center in Tokyo wants to see if alcoholic beverages mellow the same in space as they do on Earth. 

The station’s huge robotic arm, operated by a Japanese astronaut, grabbed onto the supply craft launched Wednesday by his homeland. Flight controllers helped anchor it down.

The samples will be used for experiments and will spend at least a year in space before being returned to Japan. An identical set of samples will be stored on the ground in Japan.

Japan also sent up 12 mice aboard the Kounotori vessel, what kind of party is this??