Jeremy Clarkson Returns to The BBC Amid Overwhelming Criticism


sThe grand return of Jeremy Clarkson to the BBC turned out to be a disaster from start to finish.
The ex-Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson arrived as a guest host on popular BBC show Have I Got News For You and the show’s panelists panned him throughout.
The gags tirade began as soon as the show started. They were discussing cars when Richard Osman requested for a “car expert” and then asked “Jeremy: do you have Chris Evans’ number?”
The jokes were so funny and spontaneous that Paul Merton fell off his chair while punching himself.
Clarkson’s latest multi-million pound deal with Amazon also garnered enough attention.
Ian Hislop joked about the Amazon-Clarkson deal saying that: “I thought you’d be delivering packages to my door.”
The panelists also compared Clarkson with internet sensation Ronnie Pickering and one of them said: “Go on Jeremy, punch him!”
The BBC although warned Clarkson regarding not bringing up Cars while on the show however, this warning couldn’t stop him from doing so.
“I am not allowed on the BBC to use the C word… Yeah. What are they going to do f***ing sack me? I’ve just thought of that, they can’t can they? This is quite good fun” said Clarkson.
Clarkson was visibly disappointed and remorseful and said that he did regret the attack on Oisin Tymon “apart from the pay rise.”
You can watch this show on iPlayer.


Things Those Who Attended Uni in the Mid ’00s would Swore By

  1. You did not have the privilege of adding people you met during Freshers’ meet-up on Facebook simply because it didn’t exist.
  2.  You must be having contact numbers of those Freshers you met but didn’t egt the chance to call them.. even once.
  3. Since texting wasn’t as inexpensive as it is now, therefore, MSN messenger was the only savior to satisfy your craving for having an online communication.
  4. Facebook indeed was born at some point in that particular era and if your Uni was among the first of the Britain institutes to get Facebook, you were truly privileged.first-facebook
  5. Facebook was launched in Oct 2005 in Britain at some selected Universities including Cambridge, Oxford, York, Manchester and Leeds.
  6. Netflix wasn’t born yet and since people had much less to choose from so they had to settle for watching shows like Lost.
  7. Sunday mornings meant watching The OC on T4.
  8. This was followed by getting together to watch even more good-looking people on Shipwrecked.
  9. Your first year album certainly looked like this.
  10. Somewhat less lucky ones were allowed to use the old desktops of their parents, which apparently filled up most of the space in your room.
  11. Now that Napster and Kazaa are a thing of the past your only option to download music illegally was Limewire even if that meant making your laptop vulnerable to a variety of VIRUSESenhanced-7874-1444218460-10
  12. If downloading music wasn’t your Thing, the alternate solution was to borrow all the CDs your housemates owned and rip them directly onto your precious laptop.
  13. iPods became such a rage that it literally felt like everyone bought it as soon as their very first loan payment got landed into their accounts.
  14. Pound a Pint nights used to make you head straight to your nearest Scream pub, with of course your Yellow Card.
  15. Food and getting home was the only thoughts in your mind after getting highly drunk, and the interesting part was still having left with change of a £10 note
  16. If you were fortunate enough to own a laptop and bring it to uni, probably this is how it looked like and its weight wasn’t any less than a small human.
  17. At least one or several of the then upcoming bands were definitely your favorite.
  18. Of course, the nu-rave was there too. It better we do not discuss it any further.
  19. Laptops had although become a thing and quite a few people including you owned them but since these machines used to be extremely heavy so you would prefer writing notes on paper.enhanced-buzz-29939-1444225758-7
  20. You were still quite lucky because you belonged to the first generation who could access lecture slides online and get them printed.
  21. Getting to VOTE in your first general election in 2005 was definitely a cool and probably the maturest act you did on your own.
  22. You were never tired of using Anchorman quotes and so were your housemates.
  23. Also add Napoleon Dynamite to the list of quotes.
  24. While moving into the halls you didn’t have a tiniest idea who was moving-in with you before you got there because there weren’t any pre-set Facebook groups available.
  25. No filters were required to make the posters and pictures you hanged on your walls to appear retro…. Those already were shitty.
  26. To kill time you used to watch two back-to-back episodes of Friends on E4 and then the same episodes on E4+1 because nothing else would air at that particular time slot.
  27. If where you studied was a huge student town then probably you were lucky enough to witness the opening of Oceana.
  28. Since the ban wasn’t implemented yet, therefore, by the end of Freshers’ week your entire wardrobe smelled of smoke.
  29. You couldn’t even imagine moving around without your digital camera.
  30. Adding a huge album of personal pictures on Facebook was definitely what did you every night. Most of these albums are still present there.. isn’t it!

A mexican Man Tried To Enter US By getting himself Sewn Into A Car Seat!

A mexican Man Tried To Enter US By getting himself Sewn Into A Car Seat!



The desperation of many Mexican immigrants to enter the U.S means that they are willing to take drastic measures to get across the boarder. While this normally means overcoming border points, climbing over fences or even digging elaborate tunnels, one man went a step further by attempting to sew himself into a car seat that was heading through a checkpoint.

The incident actually took place in 2001 but the US border patrol have only just released the image of the man (the seat), Enrique Aguilar Canchola, who attempted to disguise himself as a seat in an attempt to cross the border undetected. They hope it will put off other furniture’s attempting to get in to US. Illegally.  

Canchola was caught as agents working at the border are used to having to inspect vehicles very carefully. They will often perform scans of cars and trucks passing through to search for immigrants and drugs. They have previously found people hiding inside engine compartments and even in wheels.